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how can we make Well For your health?

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we love nature:

traditional medicine was used over centuries by collecting herbs and extracting its essences. some were used directly for luxus such as parfumes, some in ointments and other forms like drops. we are fully aware of the the limitations - it often cannot heal the origine of the disease, but rather elevate symptoms or support faster body own defense mechanisms.

but even so called high tech medicines have often not fulfilled its promisses. herpes remains one area where each product on the market can only fight symptomes and stop expansion of the liasons.  the list is endless...

we believe in the power of each body owned immune system, its logical mechanisms to heal skin and recover often very difficult damages. therefore, we looked into how to support and fasten the processes, which molecules are on the cell level important and developed the portfolio on our own or by in-licensing. find out how honey can do more than sweeten your tea, why lady's mantle has a long lasting role in fighting infections, what echinacea can do topical on your skin or what mimosa has to offer more than the relaxation effect in tea...


try it out - we like you and your family. WellFor - products for the whole family


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