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We are here for you and your health

We are a rather young, virtual and dynamic organisation based in Dublin, Ireland and Bratislava, Slovakia, with lots of experience. Our research and development center for dermatologies is based in Switzerland, where our dermatological line is also produced. Production is on highest standards equal to pharmaceutical requirements. One of our GMP storage area is in the surrounding of Copenhagen. Our distribution partners are around the globe. By the way, we are constantly searching for additional partnerships - as potential supplier or distributor - please contact us at



​As we are focused on customer people working with us are one of the key assets. We provide jobs of diverse tasks and interesting marketing and medical challenges. In case you find our company appealing and you might like to join our team, please ask Eugene O'Connor for job openings at We want to grow, both business and our people! 



If you are a health care professional and did not hear about our products yet, ask to be contacted or set up an appointment with our medical department. Our registered food supplement and gels have minimal to no side effects and show so many positive result that we are convinced they are the right answer for the corresponding health issues!

If you are an established distributor and want to collaborate with us, send us our details, we get fast in contact with you. 

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