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business development.

we care about your portfolio as we do for ours. In the ever changing environment you might consider a new field of therapies to enter, or to complement your present healthcare portfolio. we can help through our networks, please have a look on the available dossier list, surely to be updated soon for even a wider choice of molecules for your success. let us help you up to the full package of registration and launch phase to be handed over as a running product to you! 


portfolio management.

portfolio management is a more difficult task in todays environment, the health care authorities permanently change some rules and surely increase step by step pressure to make health care products and services more affordable. therefore, we recommend to map the portfolio, analyse together todays and tomorrows perspectives of your portfolio and create a workshop to identify your portfolio gaps. sometimes we even identify divestment opportunities to optimize the portfolio to your success. let us as a specialist deal with all the preparations to create a broader range for success.



of course every organisation has limitations in resources. often these go hand in hand with limited experiences in-house. we understand that and can help with our wide experiences in medical devices, otc, gx and rx businesses in Europe and beyond. test us in regulatory, sales, marketing, pricing,... you name it! open your business via us for the start up phase, let us build your franchise for you before you invest into big structures. just order the full package of registration and launch phase to be handed over as a running product to you!



we have been successfully developed and roll-out training programs in the past, let us use this for you success. whether a global training program with train-the-trainer sessions, a product manager coaching or a compliance training for the entire team - we can help your organisational growth.



at WellFor we are passionate for your products and your business issues. with dedication we develop our services close to fit your needs as a customer as if it is our own business - local and internationally.

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