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Where can I get Myo – Inositol in the proven dosage?

Myo – Inositol in combination with Folic Acid is not a pharmaceutical drug but a food supplement. As only naturally occurring substances are contained in the product, INOFOLIC® is available in pharmacies without presciption by ordering there. If your pharmacy does not have the product on their shelf, ask them to order it. It should be there within 24 hour. Please remember that only the combination and dosage of INOFOLIC® has been proven in clinical trials. Please click to get more information regarding INOFOLIC® in Denmark and Sweden . Iceland, Finnland and Norway will follow.

Alternatively you can directly order the product online here:  



If you or your doctor or pharmacist have further questions, please contact us directly via the contact form below. It is possible that your doctor may not yet have heard of the benefits of Myo - Inositol in PCOS or infertility. Our advice is therefore to bring a print out of the studies mentioned above and articles to your next appointment. Your healthcare provider can get more information and support directly via the conatct link for questions or appointments. This registered food supplement has minimal to no side effects and shows so many positive result that could be the right answer for your doctor and you!