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Men tend not discuss issues surrounding fertility with friends and colleagues, as women often do. Men are often unaware that they could be the reason or part of the reason why a couple cannot conceive Infertility and “trying” for a baby can give rise to emotional and indeed psychological stress. This can make things even worse, as one of the major reasons for male sub-fertility is stress. 


Men tend to think: "I am fit and fertil" - I can  do "it" anytime. Men can confuse potency and the reasons for male fertility issues: the quality of the ejakulate and its essential ingredient - sperm.


While for women it all starts with an healthy egg (see chapter Myo - Inositol for Fertility in women), for men it all starts with “fit” sperm derived from "normal" spermatogenesis.


Only healthy and agile sperm can fertilise the egg. Quantity and quality are essential. The quality and quantity can be determined by a simple spermatogram. As a pre-requisite of fertilisation, the WHO has set the following criteria of a normal spermatogram:


Volume of ejaculate ≥ 1.5 ml
Sperm count per ml ≥ 15 mil / ml

Sperm count overall ≥ 39 mil
Motility ≥ 32 % (agility of sperm)
Overall motility ≥ 40 %
Morphology ≥ 4% (limiting abnormal developed sperm)
Leukocytes < 1 mil / ml
MAR Test < 50%  (Mixed antiglobulin reaction test as immunologic screening of male infertility)

So, what has myo-Inositol to do with spermatogenesis?

Actually myo-Inositol is produced in the testis by sertoli cells and epididymal epithelial cells  (source: 1).  It is possible to identify a concentration gradient of myo-Inositol in the seminal plasma (source: 2).  


Myo-Inositol acts directly as a second messenger of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in the testis and therefore improves sperm count (source: 3). Logically this can affect fertility. This is not all, myo-Inositol improves motility and intracellular availability of energy in sperm  (source: 3). It even has a positive effect on morphology as it avoids plaque on the sperm surface which increases chances of low motility  (source: 4). Therefore, it addresses almost all of the sub-fertility issues mentioned by the WHO criteria by itself. Combining it with additional essential amino acids and anti oxidants makes it a powerful booster of male fertility. 

In addition it is well known that pre-diabetes and diabetic patients are more likely to be confronted with sub-fertility and the number of patients is increasing year on year. Myo-Inositol is an "insulin-sensitiser” and enables the best use of available insulin in the cells. Therefore, it reduces diabetic effects and improves fertility in men.


The combination of Myo – Inositol amino acids and anti-oxidants has proven its important in improving male sub-fertility. For more information click here, to order the product on-line, visit 

































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